How To Work From Home Effectively

If you’ve just joined the ranks of the self-employed who work from home – or even if you work for an employer …

If you’ve just joined the ranks of the self-employed who work from home – or even if you work for an employer and you have shifted to working from home. You might not yet wonder what the fuss is about.

Surely you just plug in your laptop or pick up your phone and away you go, this is the beauty of home working after all isn’t it, not having any schedules, boundaries or even having to get dressed if you don’t feel like it – right?


Well no, actually, if you think that home working is all about rolling out of bed late and then working until the early hours in your jim jams then you’d be wrong. At least, slightly, anyway!

Here are our top tips for successful home working.


Just like you would do if you were… at work… in fact!

Clear a space where you will have everything that you need to hand in order to get to work and quickly. Try and keep it organised – as much as possible – and try not to let anyone else have access to it. Yes, we know if you have a family, this may be easier said than done!

Hopefully once everyone knows that this is your working space then they will eventually leave you in peace when you are at your station.



Try and come up with some times of day that you know you will be able to work in. It doesn’t really matter if this is 9 o ‘clock in the morning or midnight as long as it works for you. Obviously if you have to speak to people in the ‘real’ world of work, you may need to set aside a time that you can do this and make all your phone calls and skype etc in.


One of the most common things that people who work from home say is that they end up doing more than they would do in the office. It is all too easy to get sucked into working just five minutes longer and then another five minutes… the next thing you know it’s gone three am and you still haven’t been to bed yet…stop!

This is a one way ticket to burn out. You need to make sure you have regular rest times and know when to turn off for the day.

It has been proved that workers who take regular but short breaks from their desks make more productive employees, than those that work non-stop to the point of exhaustion.


Working from home can be a lonely business. One of things that people who have started working by themselves all day every day, can be actually missing human interaction.

Make time to catch up with colleagues and other professionals, face to face, whenever possible. If there’s any kind of seminar or workshop that is relevant to your industry take the time out to attend it.