Which Are The Best Company Promotional Items For Your Business To Giveaway?

So you have decided to embrace the dark underbelly that is corporate gift bags for your esteemed clientele. But just one little …

So you have decided to embrace the dark underbelly that is corporate gift bags for your esteemed clientele. But just one little thing – what to fill them up with?

A lot of this depends on how much you want to spend. Not surprisingly studies have shown that the fickle hordes that make up your client base favour the gifts that theythought that cost the giver the most – but – crucially – not always.


First off, just because something may be cheap promotional merchandise it doesn’t always have to look as if it is. Also, it is possible to spend very little and still achieve an impact.

Secondly, it really is the thought that counts ultimately. Give people something that they can actually use on a day to day level and they will use it!

What then are the most popular promotional business items for both the giver and the receiver?


People just love bags. Yes really!

Whether it’s a laptop case or a more cheap product like promotional cotton bags, you can be assured that this is one gift that will keep on giving for ages after you have given it – actively promoting your business all around town in large letters.

Remember, now that there is a charge for carrier bags in England more people than ever are on the look-out for a spare shopping bag. Your branded bag could be just the answer and they can be easily folded away, don’t cost much to produce and are light enough to carry around.


Unbelievably golf balls are one of the most popular merchandising products that crop up in the corporate goodie bags. Perhaps because they are small and light and people playing golf need a never ending supply of them!

The balls are of course pretty easy for you to transport around, so this is a win for everyone. But you could expand this on to related products, like a branded golf umbrella.

Hint – it might be an idea to check if your clients actually play golf first!



Indulge your inner nerd by giving a useful tool such as a branded USB drive or power bank. You can never really go wrong here as everyone needs to charge their phone up at some point or save a file onto disk. Your company name will never be far from their eye line and of course these are small, easily portable items for both your clients to have on them and for you to carry around the place as you distribute them.


More balls, this time in the shape of stress balls and other related items that are designed to take your frustrations out on (no, your PA is not meant for that!)


Sweat shirts, sweat bands, t-shirts and basically all types of apparel are still very much the number one branded promotional items in UK at this time.

People like clothes – even when they don’t have to wear them! The clothing does not even have to be worn at work, but could be something for leisure time – branded sunglasses and beanie hats are very popular for example. Although, possibly not together!